Car Auto Window Cleaning Car Windshield Glass Cleaner! 6PCS/Pack(1PCS=4L Water)

8.00 EUR 4.99 EUR

1lot=6piece=6 obsered Color:White(shown as the pictures) Can be a grain of predistiuation 4 premium. 1 piece add 4 liters of water Concentrated super auto glass cleaner , than conventional glass water unique:the following Cleaning strong capacity. Somatotype small,portable with milk film general size Use convenient,rinse block plus concentrated use Performance efficient,a grain of 4 liter equals to general water wiper. Use methods. Open glass bottle cover , put into a grain of block concentrated. Fill up clear water ( recommended tap water ). Lid reset. Maintenance wiper windshield,very important is glass water add wiper fine , regular and glass cleaning wiper,concentrated block cleanser,not only have cleansing effect , also lubricates the glass,greatly reduce the wiper blade and glass friction force,full protection for good glass surface,extend wiper blade service life . glass dry scraping avoid ! Cars rideability treaders rain wiper process,as found in a slight wiper noise, pls spray on water wiper,can in to lubricate the role of,and clean glass surface murky.regular maintenance,let your wiper outperforming.