Strut brace BMW E46

129.00 EUR 89.00 EUR

"GARmotorsport" - Strut brace E46 (strut) is made of high quality duralumin and steel on CNC machines. Welded by qualified welders with specialized equipment, then powder painted. Made to cover perfectly the bowler of your car, additionally prevents rupture of the bowler along the studs. The strut is adjustable, so you can protect, fix and stretch your bended engine compartment. Designed to tie the chassis at critical points of tension. While driving and maneuvering, the chassis is subjected to many different forces. Strut helps energy absorption and directs these forces in suspension components, so that they can work better and serve their purpose in-effect. "GARmotorsport" - Strut brace e46 is recommended for any BMW e46 and compulsory for vehicles that are subject to additional twists caused by rally / time attack / drift / drag / stunt /. - Improves vehicle stability when cornering at high speed (leading to safer driving during cornering) - Protects the engine compartment from bending - Allows adjustment of already bended engine compartment - Provides greater body strength - Better transmission of gravity of the body - Protects the bowlers of rupture - Providing better and adequate connection to the wheel Made In Europe! The shipment will be sent within 36 hours. Delivery time after shipment is 4-8 working days! Buyers pay fixed shipping and handling charges for the express to worldwide shipping location. All packages are double checked and well packed by our warehouse staffs to make sure they are safe in transit. YOU CAN CHOOSE FREE STANDARD INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OR EXCLUSIVE FAST DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR FOR ABOUT 2-5 BUSINESS DAYS WITH DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE!!!