LADA 2106 turbo

2,100.00 EUR

LADA 1600 Year: 1977; Transmission: manual; Fuel: Petrol; Power: 150-170 hp; Type: Sport/Car for fun/Rally/Drift/Drag; ON SALE!!! Lada 2106 1.6cc turbo - The car is completely restored, patched and reinforced and then there is not a night spent outdoors. - The car is fully repainted - The entire suspension is new, there is not a 300 km. - Brand new shock absorbers with a short stroke and very hard working very well at high load and see the video! The car is very controllable! - Double bars front and rear sliding reactive + + studs on the front axle. - Options and revamped front end with which the steering angle is increased dramatically! - Hydraulic handbrake original GARmotorsport - Additional tachometer - Sports + seat sporty 4-point belt original OMP - Means pressure turbine - Engine 1.6+ brand new camshaft by LADA NIVA 1.7; contactless ignition remade with manual adjustment of advances external fuel pump 3 bar; + turbo carburetor regulator Renault 5 turbo tuned further to food 1.6+; by Volvo turbo 1.7 petrol; large front intercooler; Oil-filled radiator; large aluminum radiator with water power. double fins. - Differential 4.44 welded - Wheels: 2 number 15 / 7j aluminum very light use them for front +2 semi slick TOYO; 4 pieces of iron deep dish wheels 14 / 6j painted green powder; 2 pieces deep dish 13 / 5j iron, two legal one; 4 number 13 / 5j OEM wheels. - Give the car a lot of spare parts as Inter are: another turbine in perfect condition; comprehensive roll bar; 2 more differential 4.1 and 4.3 are not welded; additional chapter for the engine; additional lever for the rear axle of TOYOTA ae86; another panel with instruments and much more! Mandatory transfer! FOR SALE ONLY WHOLE + inventory PARTS !!!