Gar motorsport

GARmotorsport was established in 2010 by a father and son who have been into motorsport for a long time. In the striving to develop their own car, they started creating smart solutions, that improve the performance and capacity of the vehicle. Currently we are a team of engineers and racers, working hard to provide the customers with what they need – the best performing tuning parts that will let you experience the excellence of your vehicle. We create, develop and design all of the performance parts by ourselves, so we can offer you very competitive prices and much higher quality. Our mission is to provide the customers with: - high level of service - high level of quality - innovative products - fast delivery - easy and simple ways to order - having fun


This hand brake is made with CNC machine and painted powder + high quality hydraulic pump - MADE IN JAPAN. The brake can be horizontal or vertical, according to your preferences. This item is speciall...